Omni-Tools and Tech Attacks

Tech powers

An Omni-Tool is a powerful, versatile diagnostic, manufacturing and communication tool; as such, it incorporates many of the functions of what would be separate devices in traditional Traveller.

A basic Omni-Tool is assumed to contain

- Hand Computer at Computer/4 with Data Display.
- Software: Database, Interface, Security/2, Translator/1.
- Comm, enabling radio communication on-planet and microwave communication to orbit.
- Holographic Projector, TL 11 (its holograms are not lifelike and cannot fool anyone).
- Medikit at TL 12. It stores two applications of Medigel.
- A sensor package including Geiger Counter, Electromagnetic Probe, Densitometer, and Bioscanner.
- Toolkit: Engineering, Scientific, Forensic, Mechanical, and Surveying.
- Bug, audio and visual.
- Blade, manufactured as needed for melee attacks.
- A flashlight.

Omni-Tools can be loaded with optional other features including illegal intrusion software, expert programs, and Medigel capacity upgrades (at Cr. 25,000 apiece, to a maximum of three additional applications).

A basic Omni-Tool costs Cr. 45,000; rare powerful or customized Omni-Tools are known to exist and will cost accordingly more.

Tech attacks

Skilled characters may configure their Omni-Tools for use in combat; each of these Tech Attacks has a list of skill prerequisites, at least one of which must be met before it may be employed; if a power has the Tech Ranged descriptor, this skill is added to the Dexterity characteristic DM to make an attack roll, and the power functions as a ranged weapon with the following characteristics:

Ranged Attacks Personal Close Short Medium Long Very Long Distant
Tech Ranged -1 +0 +0 +0 -1 Out of Range Out of Range

Unless otherwise noted, these attacks require a combat action to use.

Combat Drone – The omni-tool manufactures a small, autonomous globe-shaped hovering robot with a nasty short-ranged electrical attack. Functions as a Combat Drone (p. 95) with a mounted Laser Pistol and loaded Intellect/1 and Expert Gun Combat (energy pistol) 2 software, allowing it to fire its weapon autonomously with a base DM of +2. A character may employ only one Combat Drone at a time. Prerequisite: Engineer (electronics) 1, Mechanic 1, or Computers 2.

Cryo Blast – The user’s omni-tool fires a tiny mass of super-cooled exotic matter capable of snap-freezing targets, dealing 3d6 + Effect armor-piercing damage (eg, a minimum of 1 damage per die regardless of the target’s protection value) and lowering the target’s initiative by an amount equal to the damage taken. Prerequisite: Engineer (life support) 1, Space Science (any) 1, or Physical Science (chemistry) 2. Tech Ranged.

Incinerate – The Omni-Tool mixes a tiny portion of flammable gel and hurls it at a target with a mass effect slingshot, causing 4d6 + Effect searing heat damage in a 1m radius around the target. The projectile can be curved slightly, reducing the effectiveness of any cover by 1. Prerequisite: Physical Science (any) 1, Mechanic 1. Tech Ranged.

Neural Shock – The Omni-Tool rapidly analyzes the neural frequencies of an organic target, then projects a signal to temporarily interfere with them and dealing 2d6 + Effect damage; if damage is taken, the target loses their next significant action and drops down 2 places in the initiative. Shields do not confer protection against the neural shock. Ineffective against synthetic enemies. Prerequisite: Life Science (any) 1, Medic 2. Tech Ranged.

Overload – The Omni-Tool hacks a shielded synthetic or armored target through its wireless uplink to cause a brief power surge, reducing their Shield protection by 1 + the Effect of the check and dealing an equivalent amount of damage; this damage is not reduced by shields or armor. Prerequisite: Physical Science (any) 1, Engineer (any) 1, Computer 1. Tech Ranged.

Sabotage – The Omni-Tool hacks or mechanically subverts a synthetic or automated target to disable it. The attacker rolls 3d6 damage on a successful hit, but rather than dealing damage he or she may opt to cause the target to lose its next two turns or to take control of it for its next significant action. Sabotage may also be used as a reaction with a -2 penalty to defuse incoming grenades or rockets; the character drops in initiative and takes a DM penalty to future actions as if he had dodged. Ineffective against organic enemies. Prerequisite: Computer 1, Mechanic 2. Tech Ranged.

Tech Armor – As a minor action, the technician uses their Omni-Tool’s full suite of processes – including its power cells and holographic generator – to bolster their armor’s kinetic barriers, adding either their Vacc Suit or Battle Dress skill to the armor’s Armor value and giving the armor a distinct holographic glow. While Tech Armor is active, the Omni-Tool may not be used for other powers (although currently active Combat Drones remain on the field). As a minor action, the kinetic overcharge can be explosively released, dealing (Vacc Suit or Battle Dress rank +1)d6 damage in a 1.5-meter radius around the character. Prerequisite: Vacc Suit 1, Battle Dress 1.

Tech bursts

If a target currently under the effect of Cryo Blast, Neural Shock, or Sabotage is hit with an Overload, the attacker’s Omni-Tool can redirect the power surge to spread that effect to any adjacent enemies within 1.5 meters.

Omni-Tools and Tech Attacks

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