The term biotics refers to the ability for some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using Element Zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over from a distance, lift them into the air, generate gravitational vortices to tear obstacles or enemies apart, or create protective barriers.

A character who rolls a Psionic Event during character creation may elect to roll 2d6 minus the number of terms served to determine their base Biotic Strength (Bio). Human, Asari, Drell, and Turian characters, by contrast, roll 2d6 seven times at character creation and may assign one of those scores to Bio as they wish. Krogan characters may opt at character creation to sacrifice their +2 Endurance for the opportunity to roll a Biotics score.

Either way, any character with a Bio score may elect at some point to pursue the Biotic career path. This is the only way to obtain Biotic powers; however, a character who has taken at least one turn of Biotic may thenceforth choose to roll on the Biotic Service Skill or appropriate Specialty table for their term skill regardless of their current career.

Human biotics should bear in mind that due to the relatively recent discovery of biotic potential in humans, they are limited to a maximum age of 32 (4 terms) before the start of play.


Qualification: Biotic Strength 6+ minus 1 DM for every previous career.

Basic Training: Unlike other careers, instead of receiving Basic Training skills from a Service Skills table, Biotics receive every skill from their Specialist Table at Rank 0. Adepts and Vanguards also receive the +1 Biotic Strength upgrade.

Assignments: Choose one of the following:

Adept: You have devoted yourself to a broad mastery of the biotic disciplines.

Vanguard: You’re devoted to learning the secrets of biotic warfare.

Sentinel: You’ve learned to use biotics as a tool to supplement your other skills in war or peacetime.


Roll Personal Development Service Skills Adept Vanguard Sentinel Adv. Education (min Edu 8+)
1 +1 Edu Barrier Warp Charge Barrier Comms
2 +1 Int Warp Levitate Shockwave Lift Computers
3 +1 Str Lift Singularity Levitate Warp Medic
4 +1 Dex Throw Lift Gun Combat (any) Mechanic Life Science (any)
5 +1 End Levitate Throw Melee (biotic) Sensors Space Science (any)
6 +1 Bio Melee (biotic) +1 Bio +1 Bio Vacc Suit Physical Science (any)


Roll Adept Vanguard Sentinel
1 Any biotic talent 1 Gun Combat (any) 1 Engineer (any) 1
2 Medic 1
3 Any biotic talent 1 Melee (biotic) 1
5 Tactics 1 Leadership 1
6 +1 Bio


1d6 Mishap
1 Injured. Roll on the Injury table (page 37).
2 You push yourself too hard. Lose one Biotic Strength. You also suffer from persistent and crippling migraines.
3 You lose control of your biotic powers in a moment of crisis. Roll 1d6 – on a 1 or 2, you injure yourself; roll on the injury table. On a 3-4, you injure a bystander; lose one Social Standing. On a 5-6, only property is damaged, but you still must leave this career.
4 You are asked to use your biotic powers in an unethical fashion. Accept, and you may continue in this career, but you gain an Enemy. Refuse, and you must leave the career.
5 You are experimented on by a corporation, government or other organization. You escape, but are forced to lay low and leave this career. Gain a Contact within that organization and the organization as a whole as an Enemy.
6 Another biotic sees themselves as your competitor and their simmering jealousy finally boils over. One Ally or Contact becomes an enemy; if you have no Allies or Contacts, gain an Enemy anyway.


2d6 Event
2 Disaster! Roll on the Mishaps table, but you are not ejected from this career.
3 Your talent has made someone jealous. One Ally or Contact becomes a Rival; if you have no Allies or Contacts, gain a Rival anyway.
4 You’ve been careful to cultivate an interest in abilities beyond biotics. Choose one of these skills: Athletics (any) 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, or Art (any) 1.
5 You have a chance to impress others with your powers in a moment of crisis. If you accept, roll Bio 8+. If you succeed, gain one Social Standing. If you fail, lose one Social Standing instead.
6 You make an unexpected connection outside your local circles. Gain a Contact.
7 Life Event. Roll on the Life Events table (page 34). Reroll any Unusual Event – Psionics result.
8 You hone your abilities even further. Gain +1 Bio.
9 You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Roll Education 8+ to gain one level in any skill.
10 Your powers make the difference at a crucial moment. Gain +1 DM to any one Benefit roll.
11 You gain a Mentor. Gain an Ally and a +4 DM to your next Advancement roll thanks to his or her aid.
12 You achieve a new level of discipline in your powers. You are automatically promoted.


Survival Advancement
Adept Edu 4+ Bio 8+
Vanguard End 7+ Bio 5+
Sentinel Int 6+ Bio 6+


Roll Cash Other Benefits
1 1,000 Weapon
2 2,000 2 Ship Shares or Contact
3 4,000 Armor
4 4,000 +1 End
5 8,000 Combat Implant
6 8,000 Biotic Amp Upgrade (see Equipment list)
7 16,000 Skill Implant: +1 to one biotic power

Biotic talents

To activate a talent, the biotic must make a skill check using the appropriate talent (Barrier, Throw, etc.), adding his or her Biotic Strength DM and any other relevant DMs (such as ones granted by exceptional biotic amps). They must also spend the listed number of Biotic Strength points if they succeed, or one point if they fail. If this cost brings them below zero Biotic Strength, then excess points are applied to their Endurance score as damage.

Using a talent in combat is a significant action.

Many abilities are ranged, and feature a Basic Range and a Long Range. Using a power at Long Range costs 1 additional point.

Barrier – A character with Barrier may, after an attack is rolled against them, opt to spend one Biotic Point to apply a -1 DM to the roll, or three Biotic Points to apply a -2 DM. This DM is increased for every skill level of Barrier; eg, a character with Barrier 2 may apply a -3 DM by spending one point, or a -4 DM by spending three.

Charge – A character with Charge biotically hurls themselves at incredible speed across a battlefield at a foe, detonating the character’s biotic field like a grenade for 5d6 + Effect damage in a one-meter radius around them. The character then receives -1 DM to all skill checks until the start of their next turn. The character must be able to draw a line from their point of origin to their destination that does not pass through any cover greater than 1/4. Cost: 5, Basic Range: 9m, Long Range: 15m

Levitate – By applying a biotic acceleration, the character can fly, or at least levitate over short distances. The character can travel for a number of rounds equal to the Effect of the check at a speed of six meters per round. A DM from -2 to +2 may be applied to the roll based on the strength of local gravity. Cost: 4

Lift – By cancelling local gravity, a biotic may raise a target into the air for a number of rounds equal to the Effect of the check, removing them from cover and rendering them unable to attack. The attack can be curved slightly, reducing the effectiveness of any cover by 1 (to a minimum of 0). A DM from -2 to +2 may be applied to the roll based on the strength of local gravity. Lifted characters may make a DEX + Zero-G check, with a penalty equal to their weapon’s Recoil score, to regain their bearings and aim and fire their ranged weapon as if in normal weightlessness. Cost: 1 points per 50kg of target mass, Basic Range: 9m, Long Range: 15m

Melee (biotic) – A character with this skill may opt to make melee attacks at 2d6 + Melee (biotic) + Strength, Dexterity, or Biotic DM (attacker’s choice), dealing 2d6 + Effect damage. Cost: 0

Shockwave – Shockwave projects a cone-shaped wave of pure dubstep force outward from the biotic, striking as a melee attack against every target in the area of effect (though cover between the biotic and target works as it would against a ranged attack). Cost: 3, Basic Range: 3m wide x 6m long, Long Range: 3m wide x 9m long.

Singularity – The character creates a high-flux mass effect field at a remote location that acts like a gravitational singularity, pulling in everything within five meters of the point of origin. Targets only gain the benefit of cover that is between themselves and the singularity rather than the biotic. Affected targets are lifted into the air, do not benefit from cover and may take no actions for a number of rounds equal to the Effect of the check, though each round they may make a DEX + Zero-G check, with a penalty equal to their weapon’s Recoil score, to regain their bearings and aim and fire their ranged weapon as if in normal weightlessness. Cost: 5, Basic Range: 9m, Long Range: 15m

Throw – The character strikes the target laterally with a fast-moving mass effect field, sending them flying a number of meters equal to the Effect of the check and dealing that many d6 of damage, to a limit of 5. If the target was already under the effect of a Lift or Singularity talent, the Effect is considered to be doubled. Cost: 1 per 50kg of target mass, Basic Range: 9m, Long Range: 15m

Warp – The most basic biotic attack, Warp uses a rapidly shifting mass effect field to weaken and shred the internal structure of a target for 2d6 + Effect damage; shields confer no protection against this damage. Furthermore, targets struck by a Warp grant an extra d6 to damage rolls made against them for the next round of combat. The attack can be curved slightly, reducing the effectiveness of any cover by 1 (to a minimum of 0). Cost: 0

Biotic explosions

If a target currently under the effect of any biotic power with an ongoing effect (such as Warp, Lift, or Singularity), is struck during that time by a biotic melee, Charge, Throw, or Shockwave attack, the coruscating biotic fields catastrophically interfere, causing an explosion of gravitic force that deals 3d6 damage to anyone adjacent, including, potentially, the attacker! (This damage is rolled separately from the ability that set off the explosion; eg, a biotic Charge that triggers a detonation does not do 8d6 damage.)

Biotic amplifiers

Biotic amplifiers, or “amps,” are necessary tools for biotics to focus their abilities effectively. The vast majority of amps are standardized and unexceptional, but expensive high-quality and custom models do exist, conferring benefits such as an added DM to biotic attacks or reducing the point cost of certain powers.

Biotics and vacuum

Any character with a Biotic Strength score and a Biotic Amp may elect to erect a biotic field around themselves to hold in a small amount of breathable air, heat and pressure, effectively screening themselves from the harmful effects of vacuum as if their street clothes were a Vacc Suit. They may operate for up to half an hour this way, or considerably longer with a basic rebreather device.

Biotic points

Biotic powers are less taxing than traditional Traveller psionics and this is reflected in their recovery rate; a biotic regains points at a rate of 1d6 per hour of normal, non-biotic activity or rest.

That said, using biotic powers – which are fueled in part by the biotic’s metabolism – is exhausting, hungry work; as a result, some biotics favor wearing lighter gear, believing it makes them more effective in a crisis. Biotics carrying a mass of gear equal to or less than their Endurance score in kilograms recover biotic points at double the normal rate (eg, 2d6 per hour).

Conversely, biotics who favor heavy protection, such as Sentinels, tend to carry replacement calories with them, often in the form of ration bars. A 20-credit ration bar can restore 1d6 points of biotic strength, but may only be used twice per day; past that, biotics must rely on old-fashioned rest.


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